20 years ago I walked up the steps of a beautiful old building in Tuscany and joined a community to live for 6 weeks with 15 others who were being ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order. Well supported by a team we were able to dive into a mythical and seemingly timeless realm of practice and growth.

What a beautiful and inspiring time that was.

When you share such a significant going forth with others, a bond is formed that transcends different countries of origin and personality types.

20 years later, 10 of us met again recently for 5 days in the UK countryside.

Time was spent witnessing lives lived with all the joy and suffering it brings…..and setting our intentions for the next 5 years.

How precious to have that touchstone.

So 15 little Buddhas have gone home with my friends as a reminder of the 1000 armed Avalokitesvara that is a symbol for our Order.

Buddhas donated by

Prasadadipa -UK

Danakosa -Scotland

Wendy- Emerald Australia

Lynne Marie -UK


Jodie- NSW Australia

Rachel -Sheffield UK

Sraddhagita- UK

Maitrisara- Birmingham UK


Pam- Melbourne Australia