I am often touched by people’s responses when handing out a little buddha and mentioning that it represents one’s vast potential. Quite a number of people have had an immediate response of tears forming.
It seems they are the tears of relief when their vast potential is highlighted ( even if not fully realised yet ) rather than their perhaps obvious limitations.
Those limitations can be formed by people assuming things about us, about our gender, our background, our culture, or by their previous experience of us and so on. That’s what they see and a view is formed and sometimes is set like concrete. And the possibility that we can grow and change and transform can go unacknowledged.

It was like this when this little Buddha in the Australian bush found a home with someone about to travel back to England. I hope she remembers her unlimited potential and that some of us are prepared to keep her company whilst that unfolds.
All human beings have this potential …….a beautiful teaching of the Buddha.

Buddha donated by Alison UK