An update from Itir 

“A little over a year ago I left Melbourne to go to Adhisthana in the UK to join the Women’s Dharma Life Course. Before I left, Maitripala gave me 10 little buddhas to find homes for on my trip.

A few buddhas had already found their homes by the time I got to Adhisthana but I had enough little buddhas for all the women who were still there when the course finished.  And there was even one for dear Akasajoti, who coordinated the course and looked after us, as we each fell apart and emerged a little freer, over and over, in those 5 months.

The Buddhas were given to my dear friends during my final project on our last week together.

I don’t think I had ever cried so intensely in front of other people my whole life, as I did when presenting my project. Acknowledging how friendship has changed me was just very overwhelming.

As I gave each person a little buddha I came up with a name that contained their wonderful qualities.

It’s been almost 8 months since the course ended and I am still so very impressed and moved by the women I had the great privilege to live in community with. It was a very special time that will continue to support me in opening my heart. I believe the effects of the course will carry on throughout my life and beyond and I hope I can really honor what we collectively created. Thank you for the buddhas dear Maitripala, It was lovely to be able to give my dear friends a little parting gift….although I don’t feel we are really apart.”

Buddhas donated by:

Alex Carr-Malcolm , UK

Tegan, Melbourne Australia

Akasalila UK

Shantipala UK

Linda,  Melbourne Australia

Prasadajata, Emerald Australia