Recently when visiting my daughter in tropical Queensland I was generously invited into the home of a couple I had never met before. The conversations wove in and out as we discovered more about each other over dinner. 

She was so welcoming and warm and I sensed this home was often opened up and shared with others. 

He relayed some experiences he had when traveling in the 70’s across many countries and cultures. In March 1976 he found himself in a Buddhist monastery somewhere in Sikkham.  In a room he witnessed many monks seated around the senior monk whilst making ongoing sound in a vibrational way. The sound was unlike anything he had ever heard before and very hard to explain. 

After some time he was amazed to see the senior monk slowly levitate a number of centimetres off the ground. 

I have read about this paranormal  power being accessed by yogis but had never met anyone who claimed to have witnessed it with their own eyes.  

I really believed him. 

As even now, sitting together on the outdoor patio, I could sense the awe and the depth of how the experience had touched him all those years ago and still did today. 

We are not so much affected I think by the actual act we are witnessing but the deep glimpse into unbounded human potentiality. 

In the morning after the lovely dinner I knew I wanted to go back and offer each these hosts one of the little buddhas so generously gifted to me by people around the world. 

I still have a few dozen to hand on of the 183 that had been given to me. 

After lining up 5 assorted buddhas on the table to choose from it was immediately clear each of them which two buddhas would be moving on.  

He chose the glass Kuan Yin buddha and saw immediately links to his Kiwi heritage. It was shaped a bit like the Māori tiki. 

He also explained what was significant to him in the colours. 

Yellow -looking to the sun to see where it was and where it came from. 

Green – walking upon the ground and treading gently.

Brown – Mother Earth where he will return to.

The colour was also an attraction when my other host chose the green/blue Buddha. It’s shape was pleasing to her, too. 

She was very happy to hear about the calming hand placement representing meditation shown on her little buddha and she said she needed to keep it close. 

As I explained a little about the richness that had come from handing out the buddhas over the years to strangers, her eyes lit up and she obviously knew from experience what I meant. 

She shared a memory of a time when she had been traveling in the outback of Australia and followed up on a spontaneous sense of moving into open connection with a stranger. 

It was for her also a beautiful moment of richness that goes on to have an effect beyond the actual time spent together for both people involved.  

What an amazing world it could be if we were always in touch with this openness to other human beings no matter who they are and where they have come from.  

Buddhas donated by

Sok Kheim – Melbourne Nagasuri -Sydney