My plan was to start the first street level pilgrimage walk to the centre of the city after helping with the Saturday morning meditation class . On my way I noticed D. The long grey tendrils of her hair fell onto the grey coat that was too big for her tiny frame. She was crouched near the doorway of the local bakery. She had her hand extended and nervously played with the cigarette lighter with the other hand. I sat next to her and we began to talk. Her eyes and hands told me more about her life than the words we exchanged. I asked how her day was going and she said she needed money. I gave her the $4.50 that was in my coin purse.  And then I remembered I already had little buddhas in my bag. So I opened a parcel of 6 buddhas I had just received from a study group in Leicestershire. Her eyes immediately fell on a small silver buddha. I asked her if she would like to choose one and in an instant she scooped it up. D said she would keep it in her bedroom and then she took off so quickly I wondered if she thought I would change my mind and take it back. Or perhaps she was off to try and bargain for a cigarette or use the coins to get a coffee or a bun from the bakery.  I smiled as the first little buddha began its journey.imageLeicestershire study group’s buddha in D’s hand