My first activity after breakfast today was to answer a personal computer message I had received from a monk in Sri Lanka who is following the Buddhas in my Pocket journey.  He lives in a temple with three other monks in the capital city, Colombo.  With neither of us fluent in the other’s language it was our understanding of the Dharma that kept the thread of communication going. He teaches meditation, I teach meditation. I am learning a little about the life of a Sri Lankan monk and he knows a little bit more about my Dharma practise with Triratna.

Late this afternoon,  my mother suggested I try handing out some Buddhas at the large shopping centre complex near my father’s care home. I could drop her there for a visit with Dad and then instead of going into Fed Square in the city centre I could try and find someone at the shopping centre that might like a Buddha.

To be honest I wasn’t initially keen about her suggestion. I often have to work hard to peel through the energies found at large shopping complexes, with their constant music and visual messages trying to coax people to part with money.

So yes Mum , a perfect place for a metta walk.  Tuning in firstly to my resistance, turning towards it with metta, letting the ‘me’ bubble defuse and allowing connections with other human beings …actively inviting them in.

Within 10 minutes of walking around the many levels of shops ( GPS needed to find my way out to my car later!) I sat down near two adults and a young primary school aged boy, (perhaps their grandchild).  I started conversation by opening my bag of Buddhas. We were then joined by the middle generation mother and daughter of this family unit.

Together, we tentatively worked out that all of us were  Buddhists. They had all been born in Sri Lanka and the whole family was now living in Australia. After admiring the various Buddhas the grandmother, granddaughter and grandson each chose one they felt connected to.

So thank you to Sri Lanka, beautifully perfuming the start and finish of my day.

Buddhas donated by:

Padmasiddhi-Melbourne, Australia,

Malini- Waiheke Island , New Zealand

Akashamani -Port Fairy ,Australia