I have been given a number of Laughing Buddhas to give away on my pilgrimage.
I have learned that he represents a Chinese monk from around 1,000 years ago, believed to be an incarnation the future buddha (Maitreya),
Laughing Buddha is known as Budai in China, Hotei in Japan.  The name means “cotton/cloth sack.”
As protector of the poor, weak, and children he traveled with an everlasting sack of food handing out to those in need, or collecting and taking away the suffering of others.
Budai became known as the god of contentment and abundance.


This Buddha was chosen by a young Vietnamese woman I met recently who has been living in Australia for about a year. The bowl held above the head can carry fruit or a pearl of wisdom. We discussed Budai’s connection with abundance.

May her time in this country be supportive and growthful.

Buddha donated by Alison, Melbourne Australia