A message to share from a recipient….

“I was so deeply touched when this little white Amitabha Buddha found it’s way into my pocket whilst on retreat a while back. 
It seemed to me that I needed to take on the qualities of gentleness, and openness and receptivity.
Then perhaps I could be more fully part of the world whilst not feeling frozen with the pain of horrified anxiety whilst watching those whom I love suffer. 
It seemed to show how I could keep my head above the pain of Samsara.

So when I arrived for a visit with my son after finishing the retreat the little white Buddha was with me.  
The next morning it was my son’s birthday and it seemed as if everything was going wrong for him in his life.  I felt helpless.  As I was unpacking and asking myself what I could do to help, the little package fell out of  my bag and I realised in a moment that the little white Buddha needed to be gifted on to my son. So that’s what I did.”