Sanghamati from Port Fairy Australia tells us about a possession that is very meaningful to him.

“This copy of the Dhammapada ( Ananda Maitreya version) accompanied me over 10 years whilst I travelled around the world.

It was my resource to the Dharma on so many occasions, sitting on planes or in hotel rooms. Sometimes it was a little platform for my tiny little Buddhas which I would set up for meditation as I was travelling.
I carry this book pretty much everywhere with me and I still randomly flick to different parts of the book for inspiration. What I discover is often so relevant to what is going on in my life.
So much of it resonates and hits the target for any doubt or fears or issues at any given time.
The ‘Twins’ or ‘Mind’ sections are favourites to dip into.
I also love giving it as a gift.
It is uplifting, inspiring and empowering.
It’s the first possession I would save if there was a fire in my house.
It has everything needed to keep you spiritually nourished.”