Sometimes people seeing my tiny Buddhas are drawn to ask to take one to give to a friend or family member. This happened recently on a retreat in Toowoomba.

I will let those that handed on some Buddhas tell their story .

P’s story :

Thank you  for allowing me to hand out of Buddha to my Father. I specifically had lunch with mum and dad on Tuesday, to explain the retreat, your story, and the story behind this particular Buddha, from the clay soils of the Jetta Grove in India, from your Order Member friend who is from the Retreat Centre near Kempsey, and now to my Dad. 

Dad is a typically non religious, although both mum and dad were very interested in the retreat, what I am learning, and of course your pilgrimage and the story of this Buddha.

I like how the materials of this Buddha, as with everything in the universe, comes directly from the earth, and in time, will return to the earthly / universal elements, a metaphor for the potential of things to become things, and the impermanence of things.

Mum and Dad have noticed a real change in my being, behaviour, actions and views since commencing my interest in the Dharma. This Buddha represents the infinite potential in all beings – something despite Dad’s age (70 this year) is meaningful and true, and possible.

This handing over of the Buddha to Dad, and the story behind its journey, drew parallels  with our own personal journeys, and was a special moment for us both to share.

Thankyou for the catalyst for this moment to be shared and experienced.

With loving kindness, peace, compassion, and momentary awareness of each moment.

Buddha from India donated by Satyagandhi, Naganaga NSW




J’s story :

I was drawn to give this Buddha to my friend to help her with her latest round of treatment for a serious illness. I felt anticipation as I sent it off. She  contacted me she to say it had arrived. She said it was an amazing and beautiful gift and she sounded so happy. I asked her to send a photo of it in her hand. My friend said she felt this Buddha was female.

Buddha donated by Lewi UK