Jody from Kempsey writes :

“When Maitripala visited the Kempsey Sangha in May she spoke about her pilgrimage and the tiny Buddhas she was giving out. This inspired me and she generously gave me two tiny Buddhas to pass on.

I was on a work related trip in Sydney and on 23 June I spoke to a man in the Devonshire Street tunnel at Central. He was seated on a crate, cap upturned in hand, seeking support. We chatted only briefly. He told me he was sleeping here and there. He was an older man with a white beard. He was born in Russia and had been in Australia for a number of decades.

I told him about the tiny Buddhas being given out. At first he didn’t know what I meant by Buddha. When he saw the figure in my hand he was delighted!

He accepted the Buddha and said it was “lucky”. I told him it represented his highest potential. He was very happy with that and interested in the idea of finding out more about the Buddha at the library. A warm and friendly connection was made. Perhaps I may see him when I return to Sydney.”

Buddha donated by Vidyatara, Australia