Many moons ago, in May 2017 when I was first inspired by Maitripala’s pilgrimage, she kindly gave me 2 little Buddhas to pass on when so moved.  The recipient of this Buddha, donated by Maggie in the U.K. is a work colleague.

Becoming aware we had some perspectives in common I discovered this mother of 3 rises at 5.15am to meditate in her bathroom before the household begins its day and she gets ready for work.  She has recently begun exploring Buddhism.

When I offered the last of my 2 Buddhas she happily accepted it, saying she felt “understood”.  We had lunch together under a tree and I told her the Buddhas In My Pocket story.  I find it strengthening to share a Dharmic perspective with her sometimes at work.  I do believe she does too.

Blessed indeed are we.

Written by Jody (Kempsey NSW)Jodie