Dear Matripala,

You know I told you that I’ve been holding onto the little Buddha waiting for the ‘right’ recipient. As if they were such a thing. Anyone and everyone is the right recipient! Anyway I gave it to our daughter’s friend . She is a model of friendship and fussless generosity to my daughter and her family, plus very much to us.

I felt that just like the actual Buddha I was giving to her, she was connected to othe earth, well grounded, at the same time as being and upright person, very caring and ethical. She was most touched by this gift and its origins starting with you or even before that with Kalychitta who donated it and she was very much on board with the idea of Indra’s net.

So she will keep it as a blessing but knows too that she can pass it on. And so the circle grows of this random yet purposeful sangha you have initiated.