imageTriratna Combined Order Convention shrine


I was delighted and surprised to bring back over 50 little buddhas from my journey to the UK. I enjoyed handing a few on over there but I also look forward to passing the rest on during the Australian pilgrimage.

Special thanks to Veronica for organising the display and little buddha collection at Birmingham Buddhist Centre and to Lynne -Marie for organising dana collection and more donated buddhas from Manchester Buddhhist Centre sangha.

Buddhas and dana also found their way to me at Cambridge, the International Council at Adhistana and the Triratna Combined Order Convention near Norfolk.

May the dharma in Australia benefit from all this spontaneous action, generosity and friendship.

At least 180 little Buddhas will have passed through my hands when I finally finish handing them on sometime next year.

So for now I will no longer need to keep collecting little buddhas but I do have another way in which I need your help……….I will share more in my next post.


Veronica and the buddhas donated by friends at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre.