Satyaghandi explains……

“When I first walked into the Sydney Buddhist Centre back in 1984 I was particularly drawn towards Vajrasuri. I really responded to her and that’s what made me decide to come back.

My early life as a Buddhist was particularly informed by how Vajrasuri taught the Dharma.

Being an artist and an art therapist she taught it by doing very imaginative and guided imagery work.  Which I loved!

Eventually I became a mitra and asked to train for Ordination.

I had heard about the idea of Kalyana mitras- people making commitments in their friendships  with a focus on supporting each other on their spiritual journey. 

Vajrasuri and I  had a great friendship with each other . We used to hang out and go to the movies and go away together. We enjoyed each other’s company.

I have always felt so grateful to her, as I believe if I had not met her that day that the Centre, I probably wouldn’t have gone back. 

As I did not have a second person to ask we couldn’t yet have an official KM ceremony.

So we decided to conduct our own friendship commitment ceremony in front of Vajrasuri’s shrine.

During that ritual we exchanged gifts. And this is what Vajrasuri gave me- a beautiful crystal.


Thirteen years later I actually did get to have the formal KM ceremony with Vajrasuri and Megha.”