She was enjoying the unseasonal warm weather on the steps of Federation Square.

I offered her a buddha and she chose a small gold earth touching one.

We talked about the meaning of the earth touching hand gesture of this particular Buddha.   The weight of one’s potential for wisdom and compassion can be a grounding and stable condition that we can rely on in times of turmoil and shakiness.

This young woman from Germany was working as an au pair and about to continue her travels around Australia. We talked a little about travel and feeling homesick.

She said when she arrived in Canberra at a youth hostel she did feel homesick.

But she made the effort to get out and about and connect with people and felt much better.

She was actually meeting up on the weekend with a person she had made friends with in Canberra.

She was 19 years old -a common age for having the courage to be be brave and stretch the boundaries and go out of your comfort zone. She was experiencing different cultures and having to connect with strangers to find her way in the world.

Often in our middle years we don’t seem to as easily create the conditions to live a little on the edge….the edge of what is known, comfortable and safe.

I am enjoying stretching the boundaries a little at 60 years of age with the Buddhas in my pocket pilgrimage.

There is much that is unknown for me about the outcome of this particular journey.

I appreciate the opportunity to create the conditions to meet new people and test my courage every now and then.

I highly recommend it as a way of staying very alive to life. 🙂

Buddha donated by Bernie in Wales