Buddhas in my Pocket.

Have you been enjoying and appreciating this metta journey so far?

Can you help you me continue this worthwhile quest of sharing loving kindness in Australia through the Buddhist teachings ?

I deeply appreciate the support given by many of you who helped make the first 6 months possible.

But now I need to raise $8000 to cover my living and travel costs to complete the final 7 months of this Dharma teaching pilgrimage to Triratna Buddhist centres/ groups along the east coast of Australia.

I will also continue to connect with strangers and hand on over 170 Buddhas that have been donated from people all around the world.

I really need your support to able to keep sharing these stories and the Dharma – to those that come to the centres , to those I hand out Buddhas to and to over 600 people following this pilgrimage online.

Every donation helps me take extra steps on this journey.

Please click on my fundraising page to donate by Paypal.


If you prefer to donate directly to my bank account please email me for account details at


Love Maitripala