Sudaya received this beautiful gift on the occasion of her Kalyana Mitra ceremony many years ago.

Her very good friend Vidyamala gave it to her in a shrine room at a women’s Buddhist community, Birmingham, UK.  Both Sudaya and Vidyamala had worked at different times at Taraloka, a Buddhist retreat centre.  They connected through a shared understanding and experience of the joys and challenges involved in such wholehearted Dharma work.

A KM ceremony involves a commitment made to a friend, by two spiritual mentors, to support and guide that individual through their journey of self discovery and transformation.

Sudaya immediately felt a connection to this piece of jewellery, which is from NZ, Vidyamala’s birthplace. She responded to the natural, straight, simplicity of the piece.

It was also  made of jade-a beautiful green colour, like Green Tara the Buddha of Enlightened activity.