It was delightful to meet many of the Adelaide sangha on my pilgrimage visit a few weeks ago.

I had lovely catchups with people in beautiful places. I loved the lush gardens and the visits to the ocean which is so close by.

There’s nothing like walking along the ocean edge or better still bobbing up and down in the salty water, talking Dharma with people wanting to grow and be the best they can be.

The giant Kuan Yin looking out to the southern ocean reminded me of my connection with her at my Ordination nearly 18 years ago.

I led day retreats on Metta and Compassion and enjoyed meeting up with Dharmamodini , Saddhavijaya and Ratnadaka …appreciating all they are doing to share the Dharma in the lovely city of Adelaide.

Meditating on the cool, lush grass of Dharmamodini’s  retreat-like  back yard is another fond memory. Thanks for looking after me with such warm care.