Arthavadin and Lynne-Marie will complete the walk in its entirety and welcome others to join for the duration, a day or a few hours.

They plan to walk from St. Bees to Robin Hood Bay across the UK. The route is 190 miles, which works out at an average of 14.5 miles per day.

They will walk with Buddhas in their pockets offering the third stage of the loving kindness practice as they walk, connecting with fellow travellers and local communities. They hope to connect the Triratna movement handing out buddhas gifted from the Sangha to the people they meet. They will start each day with meditation and end the day with ritual and puja.This walk feels like a suitable challenge and something that is outside their present experience.

Please help them to raise their target to transform the ground floor of Manchester Buddhist Centre for current and future generations

Source: Lynne-Marie Eccleston’s Coast to Coast with Buddhas in our pockets for Manchester Buddhist Centre on BT MyDonate