On New Year’s Eve 1991,  a friend from my home town of Emerald was walking along a beach in state of distress. She was in the grip of deep grief following the loss of her mother and her marriage.

As she walked for hours along the beach in despair she called out for guidance.

Her foot touched something in the sand. She bent down and a small Buddha was unearthed. It looked like it had fallen off a key chain. Although she had not had any previous connections with Buddhist teachings, she resolved that day to find out more about Buddhism.


In March 1991 she found herself at a party at my house.

Deep into the night of festivities I heard her voice call out over the top of the music,

” Who wants to come and find out about Buddhism with me?”

In my inebriated state I heard my own voice calling back enthusiastically, “Me. I will!”

I have no idea why I responded.  I had never given a moments thought to exploring any religion.

So began an amazing journey that has brought such freedom and richness to my life.

25 years later I find myself showing this dear friend the bag of Buddhas that I take on my pilgrimage.

And she connects immediately with a beautiful white Buddha.  She loves its long neck and peaceful face.  She said it was as if the head rose elegantly above samsara allowing for a clear view of how things really are.

I know its time to complete a circle in the sand.

All these years later after she introduced me to the Buddha,Dharma and Sangha it was a delight to send one home in her pocket…..wrapped up in deep gratitude.


IMG_6289Buddha donated by a shiny new Order member Pasadadipa UK.